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Press Releases
nCircle Announces Security Intelligence Hub on Oracle
Wednesday, 28 September 2005 21:35 EST

Enhanced Security Intelligence Hub brings enterprise scalability and performance for advanced security risk management

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — September 28, 2005 — nCircle, the leading provider of enterprise-class vulnerability and risk management solutions, announced the next generation of the nCircle Security Intelligence Hub along with version 6.5 of its nCircle IP360 vulnerability and risk management system. The Security Intelligence Hub on Oracle now provides full support for SQL connected Oracle® databases in addition to its current XML-based support for Microsoft® SQL Server and IBM® DB2® databases.

"Mixed IT environments are a reality for many corporate environments today, and IT managers require security and management systems that will enable them to leverage their existing technology investments," said Amrit Williams, Director at Gartner, Inc. "To succeed, vendors need to develop products that support a range of operating environments."

The nCircle Security Intelligence Hub provides a central collection and integration point for continuously discovered endpoint security intelligence about a global network. Offering a rich set of customizable and extensible executive reports, the Security Intelligence Hub helps global security teams gain unprecedented insight into the risks and metrics necessary to answer important questions like - how secure is my network? and are we more secure today than yesterday, last quarter, last year?

Based on a fully open architecture, the Security Intelligence Hub leverages endpoint intelligence collected by IP360 for easy integration with enterprise information systems such as asset and configuration management systems, threat intelligence feeds and other systems to enable enterprise security risk management and continuous regulatory and policy compliance. The Security Intelligence Hub delivers highly effective executive reporting, including network risk analysis, trending, and compliance management reporting to enable objective measurement and management of a company's network security risk. With the Security Intelligence Hub for Oracle, nCircle customers will be able to leverage their existing Oracle investments to reduce costs and optimize their operational effectiveness.

"Our vision for enterprise network security is to enable an intelligence-based security ecosystem that delivers increased knowledge for improved decision making among IT security teams, and enables increased automation for optimal security system effectiveness," said Stefan Petry, vice president of product management for nCircle. "The Security Intelligence Hub on Oracle provides a key component of this vision and offers more choice for customers looking to measure, manage and reduce their network risks."

Built for high scalability and extensibility, the nCircle Security Intelligence Hub enables customers to easily customize or create reports that address the changing demands of their business. Data aggregated by the Security Intelligence Hub can be stored for months or years, enabling customers to comply with regulatory policies such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

The Security Intelligence Hub on Oracle will be generally available with nCircle IP360 version 6.5 on September 28, 2005.

About nCircle IP360
nCircle IP360 is an enterprise-class vulnerability and risk management system that proactively drives cost-effective network risk reduction. IP360 is appliance-based for ease of deployment and administration, and is Common Criteria (ISO 15408) certified. nCircle IP360 version 6.5 is available immediately and offered with both purchase and subscription pricing.

About nCircle

nCircle is the leading provider of enterprise-class vulnerability and risk management solutions. Global enterprises in the financial services, insurance, government, manufacturing and services industries rely on nCircle to protect their business critical networks. nCircle’s complete lifecycle vulnerability management solutions enable enterprises to find and eliminate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, ensure security policy compliance and meaningfully measure and manage business risk. The company, located in San Francisco, CA, is privately held and VC funded. Additional information about nCircle is available at www.ncircle.com.

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