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Bridging the Telecoms Skills Gap
The telecoms sector is booming once again, following five years of relative dormancy. The evidence is everywhere. In the UK alone thereís BTís 21CN, which will see over 4500 exchanges swapped out in the coming years. Over the summer of this year, we saw the rollout of the UKís first HDTV-ready, 10GB Ethernet infrastructure for Skyís triple-play services.

Wednesday, 1 November 2006 03:07 EST | IT Insight

Best Practice for Database Encryption Solutions
Encryption can provide strong security for data at rest, but developing a database encryption strategy must take many factors into consideration. Organizations must balance between the requirement for security and the desire for excellent performance.

Tuesday, 31 October 2006 02:54 EST | Information Security

Records Management Reduces Risk
Records are paper or digital documents or forms that provide evidence of the activities of organisations and individuals. They are created during normal business activities, and are maintained to comply with regulations and to support operations.

Wednesday, 25 October 2006 03:29 EST | IT Insight

Safend Protector 3.0 Review
Todayís enterprises characterized by a proliferation of easily accessible computer ports, such as USB and PCMCIA. In addition, a variety of communication adapters such as wireless and Bluetooth and other storage devices such as digital cameras, smart phones and PDAs all enable effortless access to endpoints.

Tuesday, 24 October 2006 02:51 EST | Reviews

Less Than Zero Threat, part 2
In part 1, we introduced the idea of a Less-Than-Zero threat and defined it relative to a Zero-Day threat. Now, I'll go a little deeper on each and discuss ways to protect your organization from them.

Monday, 23 October 2006 13:46 EST | Information Security

Less Than Zero Threat, Part 1
The security industry and trade press have directed a lot of attention toward the 'Zero-day attack,' promoting it as THE threat to guard against. According to the marketing hype, the Zero-Day attack is the one that you should most fear, so you must put in place measures to defend your organization from it.

Monday, 23 October 2006 13:41 EST | Information Security

Malicious Code Injection: Not Just for SQL
More and more, developers are becoming aware of the threats posed by malicious code, and SQL injection in particular, and by leaving code vulnerable to such attacks. However, while SQL is the most popular type of code injection attack, there are several others that can be just as dangerous to your applications and your data, including LDAP injection and XPath injection.

Monday, 23 October 2006 03:03 EST | Information Security

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Latest News

SECUDE appoints Open-Source specialist as Linux Expert
02.11.06  SECUDE IT Security GmbH has confirmed the appointment of Felipe Rodriguez, a Linux Kernel contributor and owner of the Open-Source project MGSTEP, as its Linux Expert.

Increased Spam Fuelled Through Botnet Activities
02.11.06  MessageLabs, a provider of integrated messaging and web security services to businesses worldwide, has announced the results of its Intelligence Report for October 2006.

How to keep your VoIP net safe
30.10.06  One of the major challenges in implementing a converged network is having a coherent security policy for the management and control of a system that is carrying voice, video and data.

User tricks, security treats
30.10.06  Thirteen malevolent spirits may haunt the halls and cubicles of your company, and if you're going to scare them into security compliance you may need to get a little bit spooky yourself.

10 Steps to More Secure Wireless
27.10.06  We have all heard about the stories of spammers using open home wireless networks to fill the net with junk mail.

BT acquires Counterpane Internet Security
25.10.06  BT has announced that it has acquired Counterpane Internet Security, a provider of managed networked security services, as part of its strategy to expand and develop its global professional services capabilities.

Perdemia updates Permission Analyzer
25.10.06  Perdemia has upgraded Permission Analyzer, a powerful Windows administration tool that quickly determines whether the system access permissions are properly set, need to be changed, or have been altered by people who are not authorized to make changes.

Mac OS Bluetooth exploit - Inqtana.d
25.10.06  Inqtanad is a proof-of-concept exploit, which has not yet been seen in the wild, that is installed on a Mac OS X computer via Bluetooth from a computer or PDA running a Linux system.

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