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Monday, 13 November 2006 20:56 EST

bitShifter protect your documents/folders using the latest DRM technology with military-grade encryption (AES-256) and the latest within lossless compression (Block ZIP).

1Passwd - Password Manager

Monday, 13 November 2006 20:54 EST

1Passwd is a state of the art Password Manager that brings you Security and Convenience. 1Passwd goes beyond just Password Management and adds Form Filling, AutoFill, and Strong Password Generation functionality all built directly into the most popular OS X browsers.

Password Manager XP - store passwords securely

Friday, 27 October 2006 02:04 EST

Password Manager XP is a program specially created to help people systematize and store securely valuable information. It rids computer users of headaches caused by lost passwords, forgotten access codes and other sensitive information.

Cyberhawk - zero-day protection software

Friday, 27 October 2006 00:17 EST

Novatix’s Cyberhawk is zero-day security software designed for the average consumer. Cyberhawk protects in real-time against viruses, worms, trojans, buffer overflows, rootkits, and even some spyware. It is designed to be used alongside your current antivirus to protect you between antivirus updates.

UserLock: Manage Networks Access Control

Thursday, 12 October 2006 03:10 EST

UserLock is a Windows network security utility that secures access to networks by restricting simultaneous sessions, by limiting user access to network resources and by providing network administrators with remote control and session analysis.

BeEF - Browser Exploitation Framework

Monday, 28 August 2006 11:27 EST

BeEF is the browser exploitation framework. Its purposes in life is to provide an easily integratable framework to demonstrate the impact of browser and cross-site scripting issues in real-time. The modular structure has focused on making module development a trivial process with the intelligence existing within BeEF.

TrackMeNot - Firefox extension to protect against data-profiling

Friday, 25 August 2006 05:14 EST

TrackMeNot is a lightweight browser extension that protects web-searchers against surveillance and data-profiling. It does so not by means of concealment or encryption (i.e. covering one's tracks), but instead, paradoxically, by the opposite strategy: noise and obfuscation.

fwknop - Single Packet Authorization

Thursday, 17 August 2006 10:23 EST

fwknop stands for the FireWall KNock OPerator, and implements an authorization scheme called Single Packet Authorization (SPA) that based around Netfilter and libpcap.

Wapiti - Web application vulnerability scanner

Thursday, 17 August 2006 10:19 EST

Wapiti allows you to audit the security of your web applications. It performs black-box scans, i.e. it does not study the source code of the application but will scans the webpages of the deployed webapp, looking for scripts and forms where it can inject data.

SSH Tunnel Manager

Thursday, 10 August 2006 02:31 EST

SSH Tunnel Manager (gSTM), provides a convenient front-end for the cumbersome ssh commandline. Tunnel configurations are stored in a simple XML format with support for both local and remote port redirection.

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Latest News

eEye released integer overflow auditing tool
16.02.07  Vulnerability research company eEye Security has released a free security vulnerability auditing tool that helps spotting possible integer overflow vulnerabilities.

AES Password Manager 2.3 released
16.02.07  AES software has announced the availability of AES Password Manager 2,3, the latest version of their password management application that allows users automatically access password-protected web sites and email accounts.

IBM safeguards against Microsoft vulnerabilities
16.02.07  IBM’s security division, Internet Security Systems, offers protection from several critical vulnerabilities announced by Microsoft.

Firefox cookie-stealing vulnerability
15.02.07  A new zero-day vulnerability in Mozilla Firefox allows malicious web sites to forge authentication cookies for certain web sites.

Valentine’s Day: a powerful lure for spreading malware
09.02.07  As Valentine´s Day approaches, users should keep a wary eye on any romantic messages received by email, as many of them could contain malicious code.

Skype reads out your BIOS data
09.02.07  The Windows version of the Voice-over-IP software Skype reads and stores the BIOS and motherboard serial number of a user’s computer.

Utimaco SafeGuard Enterprise supports BitLocker
09.02.07  Utimaco has announced that its SafeGuard Enterprise now supports Windows Vista BitLocker drive encryption.

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