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Sunbelt Software And Cymphonix Team Up To Stop Spyware At The Gateway

New CounterSpy Gateway SDK integrated into premier network security appliance

CLEARWATER, Fla. --Sept. 19, 2005--Sunbelt Software, a leading provider of Windows security solutions, has announced an OEM partnership with Cymphonix Corporation, a premier provider of network threat management and resource optimization solutions. Cymphonix will integrate Sunbelt's CounterSpy(TM) Gateway SDK into its next-generation intelligent gateway appliance, Network Composer(TM). This integration allows Network Composer to deliver enhanced real-time spyware protection to companies by monitoring, referencing and stopping spyware threats at the perimeter of their networks. Cymphonix is the first gateway OEM to integrate Sunbelt's antispyware gateway technology.

Under the OEM agreement, Cymphonix adds Sunbelt's award-winning CounterSpy spyware detection to its Cross-Layer Intelligence(TM) reference library within Network Composer, a powerful network appliance that allows system administrators to manage real-time network traffic on Internet and WAN resources. Incorporating the CounterSpy Gateway SDK enhances Network Composer's spyware blocking abilities by leveraging CounterSpy's robust and proven spyware database to block suspected spyware files and web sites.

"This agreement with Cymphonix adds a significant layer of protection to Cymphonix's gateway solutions," said Carol Montgomery-Adams, vice president of channels and business development at Sunbelt. "The partnership provides both companies with strong opportunities to introduce our solutions into a number of new markets and we look forward to working closely with Cymphonix to achieve this end."

"Spyware prevention at the gateway is critical in today's environments where one vulnerable machine can compromise valuable company data and negatively impact network performance and bandwidth availability," said Kevin Asay, vice president of business development at Cymphonix. "By adding this kind of intelligence to our existing features, Network Composer has just vaulted to the forefront to become what we believe is the most advanced spyware firewall solution on the market and a new benchmark in gateway intelligence and control."

About CounterSpy(TM) Gateway SDK

The CounterSpy Gateway SDK is a powerful Software Development Kit (SDK) which enables OEMs to incorporate spyware scanning at the network perimeter. Utilizing a large database of spyware signatures, the CounterSpy Gateway SDK provides OEMs the ability to rapidly integrate world-class spyware protection into software proxies or gateway appliances.

About Sunbelt Software

Headquartered in Tampa Bay (Clearwater), Fla., Sunbelt Software was founded in 1994 and offers product solutions to protect and secure systems from costly inefficiencies such as spam and spyware.

Sunbelt Software is part of the Sunbelt International Group, which includes Sunbelt Software and Sunbelt System Software in Europe. The Sunbelt System Software group has offices in the UK, France, Belgium, Sweden and Germany.

For more information about Sunbelt Software, please visit the company's website at:

About Cymphonix Corporation

Cymphonix uses patent-pending Cross-Layer Intelligence(TM) architecture (XLi(TM)) to provide unmatched network threat protection and resource optimization. With its powerful XLi engine, Cymphonix products seamlessly integrate several critical network management functions into a single, easily managed solution. Cymphonix is headquartered in Salt Lake City UT with offices in Seattle WA, Philadelphia PA, Greenville SC and Brentwood CA.

More than six years in development, the Cymphonix XLi engine is a revolutionary network gateway design built to handle a new generation of networking challenges. Network Composer(TM), Cymphonix's flagship application, offers best-of-class spyware, antivirus, firewall and content filtering protection, along with sophisticated dynamic application shaping and instant message logging. The product provides not only a turn-key, next-generation gateway solution, but helps companies understand at a glance who is abusing network resources, and with what applications, enabling problems to be corrected instantly through an elegant, easy-to-manage interface. For more information please visit

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