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Finally, A Way for the Average User to Tell Whether an Email Message is Authentic: Identity Cues for Email™ Provides Users the Ability to Instantly Authenticate Email Messages

Green Armor Solutions announced the release of Identity Cues for Email, an innovative system that protects against online scams by making obvious whether the sender of an email message is truly the party it claims to be.

With Identity Cues for Email, end-users continue to send, receive, and read email the way they always have. All messages sent from an entity using Identity Cues for Email will contain a simple visual cue that allows email recipients to recognize instantly whether a message received is, in fact, genuine.

Users do not have to enroll in any new service, download or install any software, make any configuration changes, or carry any physical devices. Identity Cues for Email is also easy for organizations to implement, and requires virtually no ongoing maintenance.

Users of online banking and other e-commerce systems have lost billions of dollars to scams in which they are tricked into following instructions in email messages that appear to come from legitimate financial institutions and other businesses, but that are really sent by criminals seeking to obtain sensitive information. Some victims of such fraud have even had their identities stolen. With Identity Cues for Email in place, however, even novices can quickly and easily recognize whether messages they receive are legitimate - and not fall victim to phishing and other online scams.

Identity Cues for Email is simple to implement and to maintain, and sports a low total cost of ownership. It is delivered as server software that adds easy-to-recognize visual cues to email messages sent from an organization to its customers or employees. The cues - which are different for each individual user - are displayed to the recipient at the beginning of email messages, and prove to the user that the sender is truly the party that it claims to be. Cues are generated using sophisticated underlying technology (invisible to users) that ensures that criminals cannot generate the correct cues for any particular user. Users who receive a phishing email will not see their cues and will quickly realize that the message is not authentic.

Identity Cues for Email complements Green Armor Solutions' earlier offering, Identity Cues(TM) (for Websites), which proactively - and without adding complexity to the user experience - informs users whether or not a website truly belongs to the organization that it appears to represent.

The two Identity Cues products allow users to continue to enjoy familiar online user experiences while improving security and privacy, protecting sensitive data and personal identities, and re-establishing trust in online banking and e-commerce.

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