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Vendors Unveil WLAN Security Products

A tool to detect rogue access wireless devices and a wireless security product aimed at small and medium businesses were unveiled Wednesday at the Wi-Fi Planet Conference in Baltimore. Highwall Technologies said it is shipping its Rogue Detection System 2.0, which it claimed in a statement makes it easier for network managers to detect and locate rogue devices. The company said that the system uses amplification and special antennas, which enables a single hardware system to monitor a five-floor building.

The system is comprised of a management console, an element that monitors airwaves for all 802.11 devices. The system is available now for $14,000.

Another vendor, Interlink Networks, announced its LucidLink Wireless Security product, which it claims provides enterprise-level security but is as easy enough to use that non-technical people can set it up. The company claimed that the product enables small businesses to set up strong wireless security in 15 minutes.

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